Why choose us

Electronic Recycling offers a wide cluster of services from electronic waste reusing, battery recycling, information destruction and much more. There are three key points to remember which 1. Reuse 2. Reduce and 3. Recycle. Our vision is to reuse the products that are still in a working state to lessen electronic waste and recycle the ones we can’t reuse to keep them from winding up in the landfill. Upcycle can reuse up to 98% of E-waste by weight.

Holding over 6 years of experience in this business. Issues arise every time making a decision to partner with an organization you have no history with, you face a real problem. It’s difficult to choose and trust a new partner to manage your IT Assets and Confidential Data, We understand your concerns and act accordingly. So why not go for a company who has a stronghold of it. You can trust us!

At Electronic Recycling we endeavor to accomplish 100% cooperation in the gadgets, e-waste and reusing process. Our practices and procedures advance to address the issues of our present and future customers. We believe in you, our customers, realize how to best deal with your undesirable hardware and its waste, so we plan around your needs.

  • We offer customized client assistance.
  • Our zero-landfill policy ensures that all material gathered is appropriately reused.
  • We utilize profoundly secure software like BLANCO for information pulverization.
  • We utilize a highly efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) framework to give precise and quick reviewing of your electronic waste.


Another reason why you should choose us is that for auditing and assurance we provide certificates for services such as Data Destruction, Asset tracking details, and Auditing Information.