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As an innovation recycling organization, we give New Zealand organizations, schools, and local gatherings with arrangements on how they can improve their own ecological strategies for end of life electronic equipment.

Our own agenda and aim, subsequently, is to apply all our ability, expertise and exertion to transform their e-waste into valuable assets, limiting the effect on our common condition. To do this, we fix, restore, reuse or recycle the innovation we have, to boost its useful life.

A Circular Economy

We offer an entryway into the exceptionally proficient and successful asset handling industry. We take in complex packs of waste. At that point we sort, dismantle, and containerize e-waste, working with our abroad accomplices to recuperate the crude products.


Electronic Recycling NZ is focused on diminishing our ecological effect and ceaselessly improving our natural performance as a fundamental piece of our business procedure and working strategies.


  • To accomplish the most elevated level of Quality Assurance and Quality Control with respect to our products and services.
  • To ensure that our entire work force meet with our clients requirements professionally.
  • To take responsibility for recycling and client’s Quality Standards.
  • To increment incentive to our client’s business.