Data Destruction

Our data destruction standards show we take your privacy seriously.

We take your privacy seriously and use industry-leading techniques to fully erase the data on each and every device that enters our doors.

As is over and again featured by cases in the media, the absence of information security can be a significant issue whether the data source is commercial or private. At Electronic Recycling, we comprehend the need for complete information security for every one of our clients and have along these lines actualized a lot of formal procedures to guarantee the guarded destruction of all customer’s data.

  • We use highly secure software like BLANCO for data destruction.
  • We use a highly efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to provide accurate and fast auditing of your electronic waste.

Preserve Company’s Information – We realize for a fact that each organization is under pressure to secure personal or non-public data that may exist inside the electronic equipment. Our top priority has always been the destruction of company information while refurbishing reusing or giving away any sort of product holding your data. Secure data destruction is significant in shielding your brand, employees, and customer. We ensure that your data doesn’t fall into untrustworthy hands.

Complete Accountability – Understanding our customer needs and concerns, we issue authenticating detailed reports and certificates, how and when your information was annihilated. This incorporates:

  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Hard Drive

Confidentiality – Since we value that the security of your information is significant, we at Electronic Recycling gives you an authentication of information destruction for all Electronics and IT waste taken through our e-waste process. We can likewise give thoroughgoing, customized reports that record in specific detail the information eradication process for individual hard drives and frameworks. These certificates and reports give you a composed certification that your organization’s data has been safely wrecked. Electronic Recycling data security strategies ensure that your data is destroyed, and your company remains ensured. We are focused on staying with you and your company’s safety.

Solving the Problems – We work to the most noteworthy perceived measures to guarantee 100% information security, utilizing a scope of information cleaning and annihilation strategies. As an outcome, you have to guarantee that you’re not just protecting your touchy business and client data yet that you’re safely discarding it. Our information purification strategy ensures that your information is totally and safely crushed. Our methods meet global administrative and specialized gauges, including:

  • U.S. Department of Defence 5220.22-M DOD Method Software Wipeout
  • We offer the physical destruction of hardware using our advanced shredders