Asset Tracking

Electronic Recycling appoints a unique job number for each collection. At the time of collection, we give a Waste Consignment Note which is to be marked by both the client as well as the Electronic Recycling agent.

At the time, when the vehicle returns to our secure warehouse, the tracking procedure begins. All your assets are individually recorded on our database, from which we produce detailed asset reports for you. A wide-ranging resource report is delivered for each collection. Each item of equipment except for minor peripherals is signed into the asset report. Asset reports are further forwarded to the client in an electronic format only on requests. A typical asset report will include the following information as a minimum, although additional information can be added if required:-

  • Make, model and specification of each item of equipment.
  • Unique Electronic Recycling barcode asset number for each item of equipment
  • Customer asset number if applicable
  • Equipment serial number
  • Data erase certification for individual hard drives
  • Confirmation of resale or disposal
  • Additional comments
  • Collection summary