About Us

We are a New Zealand based aspiring company and our only agenda is to become #1 E-waste recycler by dedicating our optimum strength, expertise and a keen vision of making a healthy clean environment for all the beings living on our beautiful earth.

Electronic Recycling NZ, a company established in 2013, has worked with organizations and people to help and have an impact on major issues of electronic waste. At Electronic Recycling all our procedures are environmentally sound and secure. We get a consistent stream of e-squander, both reusable and recyclable. We have created economical ways for both whole items, components, and products. While we have practical experience in innovation reuse, we are additionally devoted to its ethical reusing.

Since 2013 we have served several associations in the Auckland Region and discovered new uses for more than 10,000 pounds of PCs, monitors, network equipment, peripherals, telephone systems, cell phones, televisions, consumer electronics, and industrial scrap through re-use, repair, and responsible recycling practices.

The material we securely redirected from landfills has been returned to utilize or refined to manufacture new items. Utilizing reused materials is frequently more carbon-proficient than mining and creating virgin materials, which makes hardware reusing a twofold success for our condition. Help us have and considerably greater effect.

What makes E-Waste a growing problem?

An increase in the demand of consumers for electrical and electronic products, for example, PCs, TVs, cell phones, and so forth have raised at an alarming rate. The harming environmental effect of E-Waste going to landfill is tremendous. Electrical things contain various harmful contaminants which, whenever dumped into landfill locales will in the long run filter out of the earth, water and climate with genuine potential repercussions for our condition and our wellbeing. Notwithstanding us, at that point for our youngsters and our grandkids.

According to a January 2019 report from the World Economic Forum, E-waste is currently the fastest growing waste stream on the planet, with an expected waste stream of 48.5 million tons in 2018. Reusing e-waste can essentially diminish the demand for mining substantial metals and decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. This is where we come as the savior and at your service.