What do we do

Electronic Recycling NZ offers a wide range of services and is best at what we are doing. From E-waste disposal to recycling to data destruction we take care of all. The transparent and straightforward support we provide guarantees our clients come back to us repeatedly. With a wide range of associations from local foundations to enormous corporates, as well as the public sector, including schools and councils putting forward their trust in us, we feel responsible and provide complete customer service in recovering, reusing, and recycling for all types of IT, electronics waste. Our way of thinking is to improve the reuse of products through reusing and resale, amplifying returns for every individual customer. We even offer different recovery and reusing choices at each phase of your IT life cycle to suit your corporation. By and large, we can offer a value return for hardware.

  • E-Waste Disposal & Recycling - Electronic waste contains re-usable materials including ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals, glass and different kinds of plastics. Reusing Electronic waste can spare our significant limitless assets. We provide a zero-landfill policy.
  • Data Destruction & Disposal - Extensive and confidential information destruction and transfer service is accessible. We serve both corporate and individuals! Certificate of Disposal can likewise be given upon solicitation. We utilize Blacco's most secure and most tenable Data Removal Software to totally pulverize the majority of your information. A Blancco Destruction Certificate can likewise be given upon demand. It would be ideal if you visit Blancco's site for more information!
  • Accurate Reporting - Reusing and Disposal incorporate a review by a sequential, asset or tag number or by headcount, each accumulation is finished up with appropriate accreditation. All waste is recorded and documented with a clear audit trail.